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Total Impact in Baldwin County since founding in 2008

2023 Grant Recipients


 Baldwin Pops, Inc.: 
 "Funding the Beginning of Music...1,2,3"

As part of their mission to enhance the cultural environment of all of the Eastern Shore and Baldwin County by providing free concerts to the public, the Baldwin Pops also works to provide opportunities for musical education and growth for young musicians. Funding from Impact 100 will be used to purchase 39 instruments for the nine Baldwin County middle school bands, including high-cost instruments such as euphoniums, tubas, double horns, and baritone saxophones. Each school will also receive $455 for music. 


 Baldwin County Education Coaltion:
"Expansion of Palm Project"

The Baldwin County Education Coalition supports public education in Baldwin County by mobilizing resources to address needs across the school system. The Impact 100 grant will support the expansion of the Coalition’s Palm Project, whereby low-resourced students’ tangible needs are met in order to reduce barriers to learning through the distribution of such things as clothing, food items, personal care items, and school supplies. School uniform items have been identified as a large need not previously addressed by the Palm Project; grant funding will be used to purchase pants, belts, shirts, shorts, sneakers, and leggings – meeting another basic need for many students.


     Mobile Baykeeper: 
     "Oyster Garden Project"    

Mobile Baykeeper is focused on defending and reviving the health of the waters of Coastal Alabama, and works toward real and measurable improvement in Mobile Bay and beyond. The project being supported by the Impact 100 grant seeks to address the significant decline in the oyster population in Mobile Bay by establishing oyster gardens that will be monitored, maintained and expanded over the course of the two years of the grant funding. By February 2026, the project coordinators anticipate returning more than 50,000 grown oysters, which are water-cleaning filter feeders, to larger restoration reefs --- ultimately achieving measurable ecological restoration to benefit the ecosystem and the local community. 


   Youth-Reach Gulf Coast
   "Equipment to Empower"

Youth-Reach Gulf Coast is a full-time residential ministry serving young men ages 18-22 by offering a healthy and stable environment where the residents can receive emotional healing and learn life skills. Locally, Youth-Reach operates an 81-acre campus in Summerdale where up to 16 residents can live for a year or more, while receiving guidance from residential counselors and engaging in service projects at the site and beyond. The project being funded by the Impact 100 grant is to support and enhance existing work raising cattle and poultry, growing a garden, and milling lumber by enabling the purchase of a new tractor and other needed agricultural implements and to construct a 30’ x 80’ barn onsite to house the equipment. The purchase of a heavy-duty dump trailer will be instrumental in the work done by the residents and counselors helping locally and in out-of-state recovery efforts following natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.


    Prodisee Pantry        
    "Cultivating Healthy Options in a Food Desert"

Filling the plate of neighbors in need, Prodisee pantry provides food as well as connections to other supportive programs for the people they serve. Funding from Impact 100 is in support of monthly food distributions, health screenings and education, and social services for children, seniors and adults in and around the Stockton community in north Baldwin County. These services are being provided at a satellite site in Stockton in order to serve the surrounding communities where Prodisee Pantry has determined residents have been hard hit by hunger and food insecurity. 

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